With BuildingLogiX ™ you are just one click away from knowing your building’s energy performance


BuildingLogiX™ is a suite of products (including EnergyLogiX and SecurityLogiX) and services designed to optimize and integrate building systems.

BuildingLogiX™ is a web based (or Internet based) Building Automation System (BAS) you can access from anywhere.

BuildingLogiX™ links your building systems (HVAC, lighting, security and more) to one control unit for communications and operations.

BuildingLogiX™ is focused on a building’s Enterprise Level of System control and architecture.

BuildingLogiX™ pulls information from multiple systems into one control panel and creates easy to understand graphics and reports which combine all of the information in one place.

With BuildingLogiX ™  you are just one click away from knowing your building’s energy performance!


BuildingLogiX lowers facility operating costs through

  • Sophisticated control strategies that improve equipment performance.
  • System wide approach, not bits and pieces.
  • Ability to measure and report utility consumption real-time, so corrective actions can be taken promptly.


BuildingLogiX Improves facility performance

  • Improved comfort is just the beginning.
  • Add or upgrade access control and video surveillance.
  • Efficiently control lighting systems — office or work spaces — exterior or parking lot lights, and all in between.

Access Your Building Through the Power of the Internet

  • Check building status through a regular web browser — just like checking your email.
  • No special software to buy or maintain.
  • Staff uses the internet to respond and troubleshoot, thereby reducing travel and response times.

No special computers or devices needed for internet access — use what you have now!

Dunbar Utilizes the Power of Building LogiX to Select Best of Breed for Your Facility

  • Your building has many systems but they don’t all communicate with each other naturally. BuildingLogiX ties all of these systems and products together into one reporting/controlling function.
  • Dunbar provides single-source responsibility through BuildingLogiX for our automation clients.
  • The interconnectivity of BuildingLogiX allows Dunbar to select the best of breed components for equipment controls, monitoring, and sensing. Dunbar then ties them all back together through BuildingLogix into a simple graphical interface that makes sense to you — from your PC, your cell phone, anywhere in the world.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

Interested in Dunbar for your building automation project?

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