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Dunbar’s Design/Build mindset: the best solution for your long-term success.

Dunbar’s Design/Build team includes an on-staff, professional engineer to provide improved design schedule and communications, reduce your risk, and take on the contractual liability for the design and construction of your project.

The details and the benefits:

  • You sign just one contract—with Dunbar. Dunbar is responsible for all design and construction work so you are NEVER caught in the middle of a dispute.
  • Your involvement as a team member throughout the project is critical and Dunbar ensures the project’s design is in concert with your budget. You will get the facility and operational efficiencies you desire.
  • Dunbar leads the planning with our designer and/or design team. You don’t need to worry about what comes next – Dunbar knows and leads the process with a focus on best operational efficiencies and lowest construction costs.
  • Design/Build collapses the project process to the shortest overall project with the most effective cost and schedule.
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs, as well as energy efficiency and improved environmental quality, are designed into the project. Dunbar makes sure the project meets your needs.
  • You assume a lower level of risk. Dunbar takes on the greater risk by being totally responsible for your project’s success. We are comfortable with that because we KNOW our business and we ENJOY building the tough ones.
  • You receive a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) early and can relax, knowing you are covered. Financial uncertainty is stressful, so Dunbar minimizes your risk and commits to a GMP as soon as it is possible in the process,
  • Dunbar’s project performance is ensured by our ISO 9001:2015-certified project management process. You have our auditor’s word that we do what we say we do.
  • Dunbar is entirely responsible for the project’s success. That comes with everything the Dunbar name stands for and that money can’t buy: our reputation, commitment and integrity.

Who benefits the most?
Truly, EVERYONE. This is a win-win scenario because you and the Design/Build team are involved in the project from the very beginning.

When can Design/Build be used?
On any type and any size of project.

Why should I use Design/Build?
Industry studies show the design/build approach is 33 percent faster and 6 percent more cost-effective than the traditional method of construction. So it is safe to say the approach saves both time and money.

Why should I use Dunbar’s Design/Build approach?
Dunbar has been putting client’s needs first since 1936 and built our business on repeat client work. Being focused on your best interest is the foundation of our long-term success as we live our mission to be customer-driven, fair and predictably excellent with a commitment to employee growth.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

Interested in Dunbar for your Design/Build project?