Belmont Country Club operates four buildings, maintains a championship-level golf course, provides year-round tennis enjoyment and hosts a number of social gatherings — but their HVAC system lacked the ability to control temperatures and track energy usage/costs.

Dunbar installed new controls so the airflow could be adjusted in each room. Dunbar then compared the past year’s energy usage to similar spaces and proposed a package to upgrade the overall controls system, replace some mechanical equipment and qualify for utility company incentives to enhance the cost effectiveness.

• Belmont is consistently realizing an overall
13.97% savings in electric usage
and 13.65% savings in natural gas usage.

• Simple payback of four (4) years. Additional savings in maintenance and service costs.

• The savings will help fund further improvements at the Club.

• 15% of the project cost was covered by incentives.

• Dunbar’s submetering of the four buildings allows for accurate budgeting and cost allocations.

• Belmont’s management monitors and controls their building systems — even when they are away from the Club — via the internet through the BuildingLogiX system.