Dunbar earned this project, the on-site replacement of an existing hospital, through a Plan & Specification bidding process. We then moved beyond the competitive nature of this arrangement into a team-based construction process where we drove the schedule to keep the project on track.

Bryan’s Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers created their new hospital by replacing and updating facilities which were built at varying times and spanned several buildings. Key to keeping every aspect of the healthcare facility in service throughout the entire four-year construction project was Dunbar’s involvement in the planning, construction and completion of the East Tower and Power Plant. ($26 million of the $60 million overall project.)

Dunbar provided critical CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services throughout the entire project, taking BIM’s integration from an overview and planning tool through the creation of individual spool sheets noting every pipe, joint, weld and detail required in the mechanical systems. With over a decade of BIM experience behind us, Dunbar’s leadership in collision resolution between trades and our ability to accommodate changes enabled the team to meet the aggressive schedule and stay within strict budgetary constraints. Even more importantly, this work kept the people of the Bryan area fully accommodated with health care services with NO interruptions to Community Hospital and Wellness Center’s services and operations.

Project Details from a Health Care Perspective Additions and Renovations to create

• New nine-bed maternity/LDRP unit

• Expanded Emergency Department

• Cardiac Characterization Lab

• New Intensive Care Unit

• New Pediatric Unit

• Medical/Surgical areas

• Surgery Center

• Expanded Food Service, Gift Shop and public spaces available to families, visitors and community health/wellness groups

Project Details from the Mechanical Construction Perspective

• 20 miles of pipe for plumbing and HVAC systems

• 1,700 new valves to control heating, plumbing and cooling

• 556 new plumbing fixtures

• 11 air handlers produce 240,000 CFM

• 2 new chillers/1,400 tons of cooling

• 3 new boilers/3 million BTU

• Steam fed instantaneous heat exchangers convert 65 GPM of water from 40 degrees to 140 degrees.

• Water Fountain holds and recycles 200 gallons of water.


Continuous operation of all hospital services throughout construction …because the need for health care services never stops On Time and Under Budget Completion …resulted from Dunbar’s BIM expertise, cost control, trades coordination and safety