A severely damaged pipe bridge needed to be quickly replaced without impacting plant production.

Dunbar’s Solution
Utilizing our extensive planning processes and custom production manufacturing facility Dunbar:
• placed 14 pipes that were 80′ in length on a 75′ long x 4′ high x 8′ wide pipe support truss.
• fabricated a splice plate in the middle of the truss so the unit could be separated into two pieces to be transported.
• bolted valves at both ends of each of the pipes.
• heat traced and insulated the pipes.
• divided the unit, rigged it, and transported it to the facility.

While this was in production at Dunbar, our crews on-site built columns to support the new pipe bridge adjacent to the damaged bridge. When the units arrived at the facility they were re-connected (this time permanently) through flanged and welded connections. The 80′ unit was then lifted by crane and installed 25′ above the ground, over the existing bridge. Dunbar Inc. completed the project by demolishing and removing the damaged (and now unneeded) piping structure.

• Piping tie-in of both the east and west ends on site required the facility to be shut down for only 48 hours and was completed over a holiday.
• No production interruptions occurred at the chemical processing facility.
• In a follow-up call on the project the local representative told us: “It couldn’t have gone any better. Since you walked away we haven’t had to do anything — there have been no leaks, no reason to touch the work you did. We’re really very pleased with the whole process.”