CSX transports iron ore via rail to Ohio steel mills from Toledo, Ohio— one of the largest capacity coal and iron ore ports in the world. The hydraulic system operating the iron ore loading operation was built into the structure three decades ago. The system was difficult to operate, access, and service.
CSX selected a replacement hydraulic system and envisioned housing it in an elevated Sea Container. Dunbar worked with CSX and their engineering firm to build a self-contained hydraulic operations control system and mounted it 20 feet above ground adjacent to the existing facility. In their fabrication facility, Dunbar fit the hydraulic runs with flange to flange “plug and play” connections, providing the new control room direct coupling to existing operations. All on-site work was completed in just 10 days. CSX now has lower maintenance, more throughput, and a safe, state-of the-art system.
Client Remarks
I knew some of what Dunbar does – I’ve been in your fabrication facility and your CAD department. We realized you were the one we wanted to build our dream. You fabricated most of the work in your shop. Dunbar did everything we needed them to do and more. They recognized issues we didn’t know to look for and helped us resolve them before construction started.
I’m really impressed with the outcome and serviceability of the unit. What a fantastic project.

Ron Davenport
Facility Maintenance Supervisor – CSX Technology.