From competitive bidder to performance partner

Developing alternative energy sources is a critical national goal. Dunbar Inc. is helping make that goal a reality.

In the quickly-evolving energy world, ethanol is identified as a key player. The evolution is so fast that this project had three owners during construction — and Dunbar changed its ownership structure as well! Dunbar Inc. worked for The Industrial Company (TIC), the EngineeringProcurement-Construction (EPC) firm responsible for the complete facility.

TIC originally requested that Dunbar Inc. complete all of the project’s piping. Owned by FirstEnergy at the time, Dunbar was not allowed to accept the entire offer. The contract grew over time as Dunbar returned to local ownership and performance exceeded expectations. In just over one year on the job Dunbar’s original contract of $4.2 million expanded to more than $10 million of work put in place.

Dunbar earned the additional revenue through solid performance, moving into a preferred vendor role for TIC and completing modifications to parts of the project begun by other mechanical contractors. Leaving by semi-truck and rail cars, Global Ethanol’s products are now at a pump near you.

Project Details
Annual output capacity
57 million gallons of ethanol
Over 15,000 feet of stainless steel pipe
(that’s almost 3 miles)
30+ pumps • 8+ tanks • 16+ heat exchangers
All refinery-quality work
Additional processing to capture CO2 under design
with Dunbar’s assistance on board