MT Systems provides advanced solutions to manufacturers incorporating high-pressure piping with pumps and a number of proprietary details. MT Systems’ worked with Dunbar, believing our services could benefit their client.

Let’s Let The Client Tell You More.
I had another fabricator for this work before and now that we’ve used you on four jobs I can compare the two. Dunbar’s process piping welding and craftsmanship is superior. We have had next to nothing to fix on any of the welds, it’s just been really, really good.

Secondly, your packaging and how you supply the units just really stands out. It’s easy to handle and very well organized. You found out what you needed to do for international shipping and took care of it well. You’re shipping us a complete package. It’s already designed, laid out, labeled, and ready to drop in. It’s a much tougher application than usual, and Dunbar has done a really good job with all of it, even the special paint required by our client.

Your people have made recommendations our engineers are using. We like working with Dunbar. You’re good at what you do and very supportive. I like that you keep building on what you know and how you work with us. Would I refer you to others? Yes — and I do speak about you already. Will we work with you in the future? Yes.

Bill Schnese MT Systems