Dunbar partnered with Port Clinton City Schools to proactively analyze their HVAC System and make recommendations to improve efficiency and optimize performance. Being only a couple of years old, the new systems were consuming large amounts of energy (Energy Star Ratings of 31 and 38) and not performing to their full potential.

Dunbar’s Intelligent Building Services
Dunbar installed their server loaded with their proactive software suite, powered by Building LogiX, and got to work. Immediately, Dunbar identified where energy was being wasted and equipment was not performing to its potential. After making modifications and recommendations, the district’s buildings are now running in a much more efficient manner.

• Overall energy savings of nearly 21%, 20% coming from electric, and 24% coming by way of gas.

• Bataan Elementary went from Energy Star score of 31 to a 52

• The Middle School went from Energy Star score of 38 to a 63

• Payback to the district of 6 months without any further investment.

• More savings potential with further investment in programming.

• Peace of mind for the Facilities Director, knowing that Dunbar is ensuring optimal system performance.

Before                                               After