Test & Balance Commissioning

Dunbar Inc.’s commissioning and testing services monitor, test, evaluate and document the operation and function of the facility’s critical systems. Through testing and failure scenarios, the commissioning process assures the systems are functioning as designed. Not all buildings allow for proper air and water flow. We test and balance the systems to make sure the air and water flow evenly, keeping the building at a constant comfortable temperature.

Dunbar’s commissioning and testing services can provide your facility with five major advantages and performing these services is imperative to assure:

  1. Building Operational Safety
    All installed equipment is operating in accordance with design specifications.
  2. Energy Savings
    Dunbar tests the mechanical systems for optimum performance.
  3. A Healthy Environment
    The professionals at Dunbar Inc. make sure that the intent of the engineer’s design to exhaust contaminants and/or introduce air is not compromised.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

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