Virtual Construction

Virtual construction allows for digital 3-D construction of a project before the actual building process begins. Design/Build, Design-Assist, and Integrated Project Delivery teams use virtual construction to improve constructability and to assure the project design meets the owner’s finished project needs and budget. The ability to “layer” the Virtual Construction model provides each discipline involved to see not only their system but how related building components are designed into the facility. When two or more items share the same space a “clash” is detected and can be reconfigured. This correction is infinitely easier at the point of design than in the field.

Our Virtual Construction process uses engineered designs as the basis for spool drawings for fabrication production. We “skidify” as much as possible to make installation on-site a snap. The addition of Trimble Robotic Total Station system, which takes information from plans and checks them against actual site elements, ensures accuracy in all details. With the Trimble system, Dunbar’s trained professionals precisely and accurately layout key elements on-site in a fraction of the time taken with traditional methods and accuracy is built-in through satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) integration.

When you build with Dunbar Inc. you benefit from our state-of-the-art services which are among the most progressive in the industry. Dunbar was one of the first, and remains a leader, in implementing BIM technology, the predecessor to Virtual Construction.  Dunbar brings true value by working with you, our designer, and your design team to ensure your concept is efficiently constructed. This Virtual Construction systems approach empowers us to completely serve your needs, from walking through the facility before it is built to providing you with 3-D “as-built” drawings. Virtual Construction is more than technology at Dunbar. We have made it a process for project success, identifying and correcting discrepancies before installation.

Dunbar’s virtual construction model of a project:

  • Shows all building components including mechanical, electrical, security and fire protection, at the same time.
  • Enables the ultimate end user as well as designers and the construction team to take a “virtual tour” through the facility to assure the systems are constructed in the preferred manner.
  • Identifies discrepancies so clashes and interferences can be resolved BEFORE fabrication and installation, thus minimizing costly change orders and field delays.
  • Improves productivity by enabling the highest level of fabrication to be completed in Dunbar’s Production Manufacturing Facility (others have a “fab shop”) saving time, space, and frustration at your site.
  • Provides a dynamic set of complete as-built drawings.
  • Mitigates risk, improves cost management, and speeds delivery through cost and schedule data integration.

The experienced professionals at Dunbar would be pleased to provide your company with a demonstration of our virtual construction technologies which are key components of our service.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

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