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What is Dunbar Intelligent Building Services?
Dunbar Intelligent Building Services (DIBS) is a proactive HVAC system analytics service that acts as a bridge into your facility, allowing the building performance to be continuously monitored and analyzed.

Why is it important?
DIBS is a critically important addition to your facility especially when a controlled, monitored and regulated atmosphere is part of your operational requirements.  DIBS provides proactive analyzation of your facility’s trends in temperature, humidity, HVAC system utilization, and more. By continuously monitoring your mechanical systems operations, DIBS identifies variances outside of defined norms to reduce costs and maintain control. DIBS also helps to maximize equipment life by ensuring preventive maintenance is performed and quickly identifying issues before they become problems.

How do Dunbar Intelligent Building Services work?
DIBS utilizes a special series of data collection equipment that can be added to your system, no matter the manufacturer or equipment you already have in operation. Together, we identify your operational parameters and set the system up to monitor what is most important to you. DIBS keeps track of detailed weekly analytics and reports, checking for best of class operations, analyzing areas with room for improvement, and immediately taking action on problem areas identified by the system.

Why Dunbar?
Dunbar Intelligent Building Services ensure comfort and help guard the safety of people within your facilities. DIBS also serves the varied needs of our clients who require monitored and controlled atmospheres within their operations. While comfort is an important factor, many operations need to be able to prove the conditions within their facility are within acceptable limits during the production of specific items.  DIBS provides a method to not only monitor operational factors but also to document the details.

Dunbar Inc.

The benefits of Dunbar Intelligent Building Services for your facility:

  • Remote Monitoring: An additional set of eyes helps monitor your building’s environment.
  • Diagnostics: Identify inefficiencies in building operations otherwise difficult to locate.
  • Energy Management: Measure and analyze the impact of system inefficiencies on energy consumption so you can prioritize corrective actions.
  • Resource Management: Support for your organization with additional remote and on-site resources to free your associates time for service, production, manufacturing, or other priorities.
  • Expert Advice: Guidance as you continue to operate your building at the optimum level of energy usage

Dunbar Inc. is on the front lines of this pandemic and through DIBS we are making a difference. Health concerns and a heightened focus on employee safety have clients requesting the healthiest options possible. Dunbar Mechanical has been working with our DIBS clients to enable 100% fresh air throughout their HVAC systems, rather than “recycling” already conditioned air. Contact Dunbar Intelligent Building Services group at 419-537-1900, Ext. 7.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

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