Building Automation

Dunbar Inc. provides building automation services for facilities and systems through our dedicated team of technicians.

Dunbar’s technicians are trained and certified on numerous manufacturer’s automated temperature control systems to ensure your comfort.  Our team has experience installing, maintaining, programming, repairing, and replacing automated temperature control systems and works throughout Ohio and Michigan for a variety of customers.

Dunbar Inc.’s controls experience can make the most of your current system through our retrofit expertise. We also design, install and program new systems, with a preference for open protocol arrangements that allow you, the end-user, flexibility and self-sustainability for ongoing operational changes and needs.

Check out Dunbar Intelligent Building Services – our proactive HVAC system analytics service that acts as a bridge into your building, allowing the system data to be continuously monitored and analyzed.

Dunbar is northwest Ohio’s source for BuildingLogiX™ solutions. BuildingLogiX™ is a suite of products (including EnergyLogiX and SecurityLogiX) and services designed to optimize and integrate building systems. BuildingLogiX™ is a web-based (or Internet-based) Building Automation System (BAS) you can access from anywhere.


We use a flexible approach, tailored to customer needs.

Interested in Dunbar for your building automation needs?